All Slayers Unleashed Clans with Rarity

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All Slayers Unleashed Clans with Rarity

Himejima Clan (1%):-

The Himejima Clan makes a speciality of improving the efficiency of Stone Breathing strategies and bolstering survivability through more suitable fitness regeneration. There is a 1% hazard of acquiring a clan from the Himejima Clan, that’s tremendously rare.

Himejima Clan
  • Stone Breathing Damage Increase (15%): Stone Breathing assaults deal 15% extra damage as compared to non-extended family individuals.
  • Health Regeneration Boost (25%):  Clan contributors enjoy a 25% improvement in their capability to get better fitness throughout battles.

Kamado Clan (1%):-

The Kamado Clan in Slayers Unleashed offers particular advantages and disadvantages to its individuals. Similar to the Himejima Clan, there may also be a 1% hazard of acquiring an extended family from the Kamado Clan.

  • Sun Breathing: Members of the Kamado Clan have the potential to apply Sun Breathing.
  • 2x EXP Bonus: Everything they do profits double revel in points (EXP).
  • 10% Increased Damage Taken: However, they take 10% more harm from assaults.

Tsugikuni Clan (1%):-

The Tsugikuni Clan stands out for its access to Moon Breathing, offering powerful combat techniques.The Tsugikuni Clan, too, has a 1% danger of being acquired, making it noticeably uncommon.

  • Moon Breathing: Members of the Tsugikuni Clan can make use of Moon Breathing.
  • 2x EXP Bonus: Like the Kamado Clan, they earn double EXP from all activities.
  • 10% Increased Damage Taken: Similar to the Kamado Clan, they also take 10% more harm.

Shinazugawa Clan (2%):-

The Shinazugawa Clan practices in harnessing the strength of wind-based assaults, making them distinctly gifted in Wind Breathing strategies.The Shinazugawa Clan has a barely higher risk at 2%, making it relatively simpler to acquire than the previous clans.

  • Wind Damage: Wind-primarily based assaults deal 1.3x harm for Shinazugawa Clan individuals.
  • Sword Damage: Sword combating is greater with a 10% damage boost.

Tokito Clan (2%):-

The Tokito Clan specializes in harnessing the power of mist-based attacks, making them highly proficient in Mist Breathing techniques. Their capability to deal increased damage with mist techniques, coupled with stamina efficiency and improved running speed, makes them versatile and productive in combat scenarios. Similar to the Shinazugawa Clan, the Tokito Clan also has a 2% threat of being received.

  • Mist Damage: Mist-based attacks cause 1.3x damage and devour much less stamina.
  • Speed Boost: Members benefit from elevated velocity even as they walk.

Rengoku Clan (5%):-

The Rengoku Clan can be a strategic choice for players who prefer a combat style centered around fire-based techniques and greater survivability, leading to intense and enduring gameplay experiences.The Rengoku Clan has a five% hazard, showing that it is somewhat simpler to locate than the previously noted clans.

  • Flame Damage: Flame-based total attacks cause 1.3x damage.
  • Health Boost: Members gain a ten% growth in health.

Iguro Clan (5%):-

The Iguro Clan’s specialization in Serpent Breathing likely translates to improved damage from venom-related attacks. Like the Rengoku Clan, the Iguro Clan additionally offers a five% chance of acquisition.

  • Serpent Breathing: Damage from Serpent Breathing will increase the Venom harm.

Tsuyuri Clan (5%):-

The Tsuyuri Clan excels in Flower Breathing combat, and their capabilities related to this style will receive improvements in future game updates, making them even more formidable in battle. The Tsuyuri Clan stocks the identical five% hazard of being obtained as the preceding  clans.

  • Flower Breathing: The Tsuyuri Clan’s harm for flower breathing can be advanced in destiny versions (Work In Progress).

Kanroji Clan (5%):-

Players who choose the Kanroji Clan can capitalize on this unique combat style to deal increased damage and emerge victorious in battles. Similar to the Tsuyuri Clan, the Kanroji Clan also has a five% threat of being obtained.

  • Love Moves: Depending on the talent, Love harm is enhanced by way of 15% to twenty%.

Uzui Clan (6%):-

The Uzui Clan specializes in the use of Sound Breathing, providing them to unleash devastating sound-based attacks that can quickly overpower their enemies.The Uzui Clan gives a barely higher hazard at 6%, making it a chunk greater handy.

  • Sound Breathing: Sound-based assaults deal 1.3x greater damage.

Hashibira Clan (10%):-

The Hashibira Clan specializes in stamina management and the utilization of Beast Moves. Their increased stamina grants them endurance during battles, and their enhanced Beast Moves damage ensures that these techniques pack a powerful punch. The Hashibira Clan has a 10% hazard of being acquired, showing a noticeably decent danger of obtaining it.

  • Stamina Boost: Members have 5% more stamina.
  • Beast Moves Damage: While performing Beast Moves, they deal 1.3x harm.

Kocho Clan (15%):-

The Kocho Clan specializes in Insect Moves, which grants them a significant damage advantage when utilizing these techniques. However, their effectiveness diminishes when resorting to conventional sword and fighting styles. With a 15% hazard, the Kocho Clan is more simply accessible compared to many different clans.

  • Insect Moves: Damage treated Insect Moves are elevated by using 1.6 times.
  • Sword and Conventional Fighting: Damage is decreased through 1/2 when the usage of the sword or conventional preventing.

Agatsuma Clan (20%):-

The Agatsuma Clan excels in Thunder Moves, granting them an important damage advantage when utilizing these techniques. This specialization makes them formidable in battles where Thunder Moves are important. The Agatsuma Clan has a 20% threat, making it one of the extra common clans to acquire.

  • Thunder Moves: Damage from Thunder Moves is extended with the aid of 1.3 instances.

Urokodaki Clan (40%):-

The Urokodaki Clan receives a Tengu mask as part of their clan’s attributes. The Tengu mask could potentially have specific effects or benefits, but since it’s a work in progress, players will need to stay tuned for further details on its functionality. The Urokodaki Clan is relatively smooth to acquire, with a 40% chance of acquisition.

  • Tengu Mask: Members of this clan will discover free Tengu masks of their inventory (Work In Progress).

Tomioka Clan (60%):-

The Tomioka Clan specializes in harnessing the power of water, and their proficiency with water-based moves grants them a notable damage boost, making them particularly effective when utilizing such techniques.The Tomioka Clan is the most available, with a 60% threat, making it one of the simplest clans to discover.

  • Water Moves: Damage from water-based movements is improved by way of 1.2 instances.

All Slayers Unleashed Clans with Rarity ( FAQ’s ) :-

Q1. What Is The Best Race In Slayers Unleashed ?

Ans :- Hybrids are certainly a powerful race in the sport, owning a unique aggregate of skills that cause them to quite versatile and effective. Hybrids in Slayers Unleashed are a force to be reckoned with, way to their twin capacity utilization, high harm ability, get admission to to Slayer Marks, and average versatility. Choosing to play as a Hybrid affords gamers with a nicely-balanced and ambitious gameplay revel in.

Q2. How Rare Is The Zenitsu Haori In Project Slayers ?

Ans :- Obtaining Haoris from the Ouwigahara dungeon in Slayers Unleashed may be quite hard, as they have a fairly low drop rate of 5%. Haoris are unique armors that can extensively reduce harm taken by using players, making them precious gadgets in the sport.

Q3. Did Zenitsu Unlock Slayer Mark ?

Ans :- The absence of a Demon Slayer Mark during a war can be because of a combination of factors, including individual version, emotional kingdom, schooling, storytelling selections, and the precise situations of the war. It's a nuanced factor of the Demon Slayer universe that adds intensity to the characters and their abilities.

Q4. Is Zenitsu Already Hashira level ?

Ans :- The Demon Slayer collection explored the characters' futures past their roles as Demon Slayers, emphasizing non-public boom and the pursuit of happiness. While Zenitsu won't have grow to be a Hashira in the organization, his person arc focused on his improvement as an character and his relationships with others.

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