Anime fruit simulator tier list, Top Fruits 2023

Anime fruit simulator tier list 2023 :- Anime Fruit Simulator is a well-known game that was published by “Obtain” on the Roblox platform. You can gather various fruits in the game and use them in combat. 

Many players have devoted countless hours to gathering the rarest and most potent fruit because of the game’s widespread popularity. 

Devil Fruit Tier List for Anime Fruit Simulator.

This ranking system for the video game Anime Fruit Simulator can be used to determine the power and capabilities of various devil fruits. Which devil fruit goes in which tier in the game of Anime Fruit Simulator is one query that many players have. 

The best devil fruits in Anime Fruit Simulator are difficult to collect as a regular player, which makes it difficult for me to advance through the game quickly. 

We made this devil fruit tier list because We knew you would experience the same problem. 

This tier list will be based on individual opinions, just like any other tier list. We have ranked all of the devil fruits in the game using the classification that is listed below. 

  • God-Tier :- These are the game’s most powerful fruit. They are challenging to acquire, but the effort is well worth it. 
  • Pretty Good-Tier :- They are powerful, but not quite as powerful as the S-Tier fruit. They are still valuable to amass and employ in conflict. 
  • FARMABALE-TIER :- These fruits are respectable but not as robust as those in the A-Tier category for farming. They still have their uses in specific circumstances. 
  • Alright-Tier :- These fruits are less robust than B-Tier fruits. Although generally regarded as being less powerful, they might still have some uses. 
  • DOODOO POOPOO-TIER :- These fruits are the weakest in the game, according to the Doodoo Poopoo-Tier. Avoid them if at all possible.
Anime fruit simulator tier list

Overview of Anime Fruit Simulator Tier List 

As you move through the world in this game, you will be able to explore various zones and gather coins. 

Pets that can be raised from eggs may also be found as you explore. In subsequent battles with other characters, these pets can help you. 

You can gather extremely rare gems in addition to coins and pets. They can be combined with other items to form new, stronger ones or used to buy a variety of items. 

Along with fighting powerful Bosses alone, you can team up with other players. 

Your character’s skills can be further enhanced by using the valuable BOSS DROPS that you can obtain by defeating these bosses. 

Anime Fruit Simulator Tier List should be ranked. 

1. In each row, change the label text.  

2. Drag the images into the desired order.

3. After adding a title and description, click “Save/Download.”.  

4. Transmit your Tier List. 

In Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator, here are the top 7 fruits. 

Players can obtain a variety of fruits in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator, each of which has a Special power that grants the user new skills. 

Although some fruits stand out above the rest, not all fruits are created equal. The best fruits for Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator will be revealed by the players with the help of this article. 

 Fruits are typically found in the Anime Fighting Simulators Tier Are :-

 7) Fruit on ice. 

You become a Freezing Human who can summon and control ice during combat when you consume Ice Fruit, similar to how Magma Fruit transforms you. 

In Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator, ice fruit has a variety of cooldown periods. 

The fruit permits frequent attacks with high damage even though the cooldown times are short. 

A select few fruits, including Ice Fruit, have the ability to freeze opponents to render them unconscious. Only the tournament shop sells this fruit.

 6. Koi fruit. 

In the Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator, the Mythical Koi fruit, like the Phoenix fruit, transforms anyone who eats it into a tremendously powerful dragon. 

It permits strong attacks like the moves Power Dash, Fireball Barrage, and Lightning Strike as well as the capacity to soar at a 2.5 times faster speed. You can get this fruit by turning the reward wheel. 

5) Fruit with a snake man’s face. 

If players want to deal a lot of damage while still maintaining control over their opponents, Snakeman Fruit is a fantastic choice in Anime Fighting Simulator. 

Yes, this fruit can achieve both goals if used properly. The first ability of King Cobra has the potential to freeze nearby enemies, and the second ability, Black Mamba, can deal a ton of damage by launching punches in a specific direction. 

4) Fruit that explodes. 

If players want a consistent burst of damage in the Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator, the explosive is the best fruit to use. 

Aiming and timing must be perfect, though. It might be difficult for players to defend against their adversaries if they miss a shot. 

Holding down the third key for Full Body Explosion will cause a huge explosion that will kill most enemies nearby even if the player lacks the Explosive Shot Fire or Explosive Machine Gun talents. 

 3. Light fruit. 

Light fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator might have a longer cooldown than most other fruits. 

However, this is made up for by the incredible force and variety of moves. 

There is hardly any room for any combatant to block the path with the use of Light Kick, Light Teleport, and Divine Punishment, both literally and figuratively. Light fruits are offered to participants in the tournament shop. 

2) The Phoenix. 

Given that it has a move set that includes powerful attacks as well as faster flying and greater mobility, the Phoenix fruit’s abilities are superior in terms of combat advantage and utility. 

Eaters of this fruit in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator will be transformed into Phoenixes, with a 2.5 increase in flight speed and access to two damaging moves and one unique healing move. 

Unfortunately, the experience’s pricey Fighting Pass is the only way to access this fruit. 

1) Magma fruit 

After consuming a Magma fruit, the characters of the players change into Magma Humans, enabling them to manipulate and change into magma while engaged in combat. 

The three moves of this fruit are all incredibly potent and useful against both bosses and PvP opponents. 

Given the name of the fruit, a lot of players are taken aback to learn that Magma fruit has a relatively short cooldown, allowing them to use the strikes more frequently. On the Anime Fighting Simulator map, this fruit can be found everywhere.

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