Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello & Wiki Guide : Breathe, Sickles.

Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello :- In this game, you can do anything you could in the anime, including grind, become a Hashira, kill people, use gourds and complete quests. Strong emotions, exciting fighting scenes and intriguing characters all appear in the game.

Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello

Water Breathing

 Level prerequisite: 5. 

  •  Water Surface Slash (5 LVL and 200y) is the first form. 
  •  Second Form: Striking Tide (10 LVL and 500y). 
  •  Third Form: Water Fall Basin (20 LVL and 1KY). 
  •  Constant Flux in 4th Form (40 LVL and 2Ky)

 Frame Breathe

 Level prerequisite: 5. 

  •  Unknowning Fire, first form (5 LVL, 200y). 
  •  Rising Scorching Sun (10 LVL and 500y), second form. 
  •  The third form is called Blazing Universe (20 LVL and 1Ky). 
  •  Blooming Flame Undulation (40 LVL and 2Ky), fourth form.

Sun Breathe

 Sun Soul, 1K Yen, and level 30 are required. 

  •  Dance in the first form (30 LVL and 1,000 yen). 
  •  Second Form: Clear Blue Sky (40 LVL and 1 point 5K yen). 
  •  Raging Sun (3rd Form): 50 LVL and 2K yen. 
  •  Burning Bones Summer Sun (4th Form; 70 LVL; 2.5K yen). 
  •  Hinokami (5th Form) (90 LVL and 4,000 yen).

Mist Breathe 


  •  First Form: Splash of Scattering Mist. 
  •  Eight Layered Mist, second form. 
  •  Distant Here is the third form. 
  •  Fourth Form: Shrouding Clouds. 

The Thunder’s Breath. 

 This Blood Demon Art is swift and good, not bad. The third movement does reasonable damage, but I still advise using Sickles because it is superior to this.

Sickles and blood manipulation. 

 Demon is necessary. 

  •  Flying Sickles is the first move. 
  •  Rampant Rampage, second move. 
  •  The third move is circular slashes. 
  •  Blood Rage is the fourth manoeuvre.

The death that causes harm. 

 Demon is a requirement. 

  •  Initial Move: Air Type. 
  •  The disorder is the second move. 
  •  The chaotic Kick is the third manoeuvre. 
  •  Fourth Move: Annihilation Type. 

Trainer: They grant you special abilities, each of them has equal power, and when used properly, they are terrifying. They are given only by trainers.

DEMONS AND HUMANITY: In conclusion, while humans are not wild, demons are.

Breathing Styles: These unique abilities are usable in PvP. The only flame needs to be displayed. They all use the same strategies, after all. It causes the same harm.

The best way to begin a raid in Demon Slayer Legacy. 

 Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to raid in Demon Slayer Legacy: 

 Visit Yajiri Village. 

  •  Ask the Yajiri Demon Slayer some questions. 
  •  •nquire about the swamp raid. 
  •  Go To Asakusa in Tokyo is next. 
  •  Discuss Asakusa with Yushiro. 
  •  Demand the raid. 
  •  25,000 Yen are needed for the raid. 

Levels of Raid Reward:

 The required raid rewards for various levels are listed below:

  •  It’s simple: 50,000 YEN. 
  •  Medium: three God Coins. 
  •  Easy: 5 God Coins. 
  •  Requirements for the raid level. 

 The required level for the raid is: 

  •  Raid on the Swamp Demon/Yajiri Village: Level 200+. 
  •  Asakusa Raid: 400+ levels. 
  •  Raid of the Swamp Demons. 

The Swamp Demon Raid step-by-step instructions are as follows: 

  •  Dispense with the Yajiri Village map. 
  •  Using the map, teleport to Yajiri Village. 
  •  200 Yen or more are needed for the raid. 
  •  Raid on Asakusa. 

The detailed instructions for Asakusa Raid are as follows:

  •  See the Tokyo Map of Asakusa. 
  •  From the map, teleport to Asakusa. 
  •  It must be 400 or higher in level.

Finally, skills. 

 The boss’ initiated the drop of the last abilities of Demon Slayers Legacy, which call for guard-breaking abilities. Defence breathing techniques used to parry final skills will not be impervious to the skills. The final skills have the ability to deal critical damage to an enemy that has been struck by them. 

Trello stats for the Demon Slayer legacy. 

 5,000 is the maximum number of statistics. 

  •  Greater overall damage due to strength. 
  •  Stamina, walking speed, and climbing speed are all increased by agility. 
  •  Increases health and durability. 
  •  Breathing capacity is increased by mental strength. 


 The ability to sleep is crucial because it slows down players by 20% and reduces their ability to regenerate stamina by 50%. 


 Players’ hunger causes a slower rate of health regeneration. 

Quest for the Demon Slayer storyline. 

The following is all the information that is known about the Demon Slayer Storyline Quest:

 Quest 1:

 In your town, you start out as a villager. Your day begins with a trip to kill five pigs. 

Quest 2:

 Talk to a wandering adventurer in the town after you’ve killed the five pigs. In front of the town, he orders you to kill 5 SLIMES. 

Quest 3:

 You visit the butcher to speak with him after the slimes are dead. He requests that you fell a tree and gather some logs for him. 

Quest 4: 

The butcher now requests that you transport the logs to the city in the snowy mountains so that they can survive the winter. 

When you get there, though, you discover a house with a family inside who have been murdered. A mysterious man fighting a girl and a young boy in a colourful cloak is then visible. This mysterious man knocks the boy and the girl out. In spite of this, you reach the village and speak to the girl, saving it. 

Quest 5:

Please return home. The day has given way to night. While you’re on your way home, a demon attacks; as you fight it off, a demon slayer uses Water Breathing to save you. You rush back to your village out of gratitude. 

When you get there, you ask a fellow demon slayer how to become one, and he advises you to seek out Urokudaki. 

Quest 6:

You get in bed because it is late at night. 

Quest 7:

 You inform the butcher that you will be leaving the village when you awaken. 

Quest 8:

In the village, you depart. To become a demon slayer, you must take the LEFT fork in the road when it forks. You avoid going that way because it feels dangerous and like you might die on the right. (If you choose that path, you turn into a demon. When inside the home, speak with Yushiro to begin a raid for 25,000 YEN. From there, read the Demon storyline.

Conclusion of Trello Board for Demon Slayer Weak Legacy:

 It is based on the well-known anime series “Demon Slayer,” which is about a boy named Tanjirou who wants to exact revenge on demons for killing his family. To become a demon slayer and battle demons, he joins a group called Demon Slayer Corps.

Dedicated to defending humanity from demons, Demon Slayers is a group that has been around for a very long time.

The main enemy in Demon Slayer is a race of monstrous, supernatural, and eternal beings known as demons.

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