2 Best Method For Changing Your Minecraft Name

Owning a Minecraft account necessitates the usage of a username, which you may be unhappy with or simply want to change. In this article we will helping you How to Change Your Minecraft Name ?

What is Minecraft Or How To Change Your Minecraft Name ?

Basically, Micecraft Is A Video Game. In this video game, players build and destroy different sorts of blocks in three-dimensional environments.

There are two primary game modes : Survival and Creative. Players in Survival are required to procure their own building materials and food.

They can also interact with moving creatures or mobs that resemble blocks. ( Some of the deadly ones include zombies and creepers. )

Players in Creative receive materials and don’t need to eat to survive. They are also instantly capable of breaking any type of block.

How Do I Get My Minecraft Username ?

You will see your Username in-game when playing, Minecraft, Java Edition, not your Gamertag. Only in-game and in your Minecraft account settings will you ever see your username.

  • On www.minecraft.net, you can continue to view and modify your Minecraft: Java Edition username. Utilise the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your screen to access your profile.
  • To view your in-game username, choose Minecraft: Java Edition from the dropdown menu and click Profile Name.

What Are the Conditions for Generating a Username ?

  • Requires 3 to 16 characters.
  • No white space is permitted between characters.
  • Valid characters include
  • A-Z (both capital and lower case)0-9
  • The underscore (_) is the only special character that is accepted.

Note: Usernames with fewer than three characters are no longer allowed.

How to Change Your Minecraft Name for Java Edition ?

  • Log in to the Minecraft website using your ” https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/login ” Microsoft account.
  • If the “Profile” page wasn’t automatically linked to you, click Profile in the upper right corner by hovering over your username.
Minecraft Profile Interface
  • After that, click Profile Name under Minecraft: Java Edition.
Minecraft Java Edition Profile Name Change
  • Once there, fill out the text box for your new username in the Java Profile Name section.
  • When finished, click Change Profile Name, and you should be good to go!


Your old username is retained for 37 days after you change it. Because of this, you get an extra week to change your mind before someone else can use your old login.

How to Change Your Minecraft Name for bedrock ?

  • A new Gamertag should be entered next to “Your new gamertag.” The number of characters in your gamertag, including spaces, can range from 1 to 12.
  • A number cannot be the first letter.
  • To check availability, click. You’ll need to change it till it’s accepted if you receive a notification indicating the Gamertag is already taken.
  • Choose Claim it. This will validate the new Gamertag.

Why Do I Require a Gamertag ? 

If you’ve ever owned an Xbox, you’re probably familiar with Gamertags. If you haven’t noticed, gamertags are the names that appear over players’ heads in multiplayer when playing any Bedrock version of Minecraft. 

Because Bedrock versions of Minecraft use the Xbox account system for multiplayer, even if you do not play on Xbox or Windows 10, you will have a Gamertag. On some platforms, you may have a profile name that differs from your Gamertag.

By entering into your Microsoft account at https://www.xbox.com/en-US, you can modify your Gamertag.

You might not have a Gamertag if you play on a mobile device because you don’t have to sign in with a Microsoft account to do so.

However, you must link a Microsoft account and establish a Gamertag if you want to play online.

Change Your Username with a Mojang or Microsoft Account ?

Changing your username is easy if you’re playing a version of Minecraft that needs a Mojang or Microsoft Account. What you must do is as follows.

All Microsoft accounts can use this. You must first switch your previous Mojang account over to a Microsoft account if you still have one.

You’ll notice your new username in Minecraft as soon as your profile has been changed.

  • Obtain the Minecraft website’s home page.
  • Log in, then open the Profile page.
  • Next to your profile name, click Change.
  • Only one username changes every 30 days is permitted.

How to Change Your Username Associated with a Gamertag ?

For those who play with a Microsoft account, changing your Minecraft username is a straightforward process. If you use a Gamertag, though, things get a little more complicated.

The first time you update your Gamertag is free, however any additional updates will incur a price ( the precise sum varies by area ).

As a result, you must be careful while choosing a new Minecraft username; otherwise, you risk having to pay for yet another name change.

Unfortunately, changing your username for Minecraft players with Gamertags will require you to go through a different process, and it probably won’t be free. This is How to Change Your Minecraft Name it goes:

  • Go to the official Xbox website to alter your Gamertag there.
  • Register and fill out your profile.
  • Go to the page for changing your gamertag.
  • Verify the availability and validate your modification.

FAQ’S :-

Q1. I received the error message “not authenticated with minecraft.net” after changing my username. What should i do if my username changes ?

Ans :- You must completely log out before logging back in. Your profile's 
authentication and connection with our servers are updated as a result.

Q2. Does username moderation exist? Can i file a complaint ?

Ans :- Mojang Studios has always had a rather accommodative approach 
to usernames. The servers that a player joins frequently block people who 
select unsuitable usernames. Despite the fact that username modifications
 are now a feature, since 2009, it has been possible to register usernames 
that may not be entirely appropriate, and the community has self-regulated. 

Q3. How to sign in and log out Minecraft ?

Ans :- Click your username or email address in the top right corner of 
the Minecraft game launcher. To log out, click. Then Use your account 
credentials to log back in.

Q4. Do they stay banned if i banned them on my server and they changed their username ?

Ans :- Yes, and when someone is on a whitelist or has Operator level access, 
the same applies. The system uses your profile's unique ID rather than your 
username, thus account-level functions on an unmodified or "Vanilla" server 
remain the same. 

Conclusion :-

Many people grew up playing the game and ended up with usernames they didn’t like after years of playing.

You now understand How to Change Your Minecraft Name after reviewing the information above, so you can finally acquire the one you desire!

Just make sure to respect Mojang’s guidelines while generating a new username, or your account or name may be xyz. We hope this guide assisted you in creating a new Minecraft username.

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