How to play Hunter X Athena Trello (A to Z Guide 2023)

Hunter X Athena Trello Guide :- Based on the popular anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter, Hunter X Athena is an action role-playing game on Roblox. 

On November 27, 2022, Eternal created the game. The game has amassed a sizable fan base since its creation, especially among Roblox players.

Hunter X Athena Trello Guide 2023


The name and Clan are in white at the top.

  • Green = health
  • Blue bar = stamina

Jenny on bottom

Pink number =  The more HP has gained the higher the level, up to a maximum of 200. 

 The yellow bar shows how close you are to levelling up. 

Age = How long you stay in a server does nothing.

Your new bar is located beneath your avatar. It fills up as you use new skills, and it gets bigger as you practice meditation.


Strength – Press J to start a pushup exercise where you must press various button combinations to gain strength. (Increases m1 damage) Push-ups require 25, 40, and 60k of strength at various stages.

Meditation – Press M to meditate. You will accumulate experience over time, which will enlarge the new bar (unlocking requires 1k strength).

Run – To gain Run exp you just have to run by pressing W+W and Holding Shift (Increases speed)

Stamina – You must climb to gain stamina by jumping close to a wall and pressing Z (this increases the stamina bar; not all walls can be climbed).

At 100,000, your damage and speed increase from strength and running cease. However, meditation and stamina have no upper limit!

  • Natural Potential – Min is 1 Max is 100
  • Increases Damage and Speed
  • Damage + (Potential/10) Max Damage increase is 10
  • Speed + (Potential/20) Max Speed increase is 5

Nen Skill Requirements

  • [N] Aura = Med. 4000 (slight damage buff)
  • [B] Ten = Med. 7200, Str. 3600, Run 1000 (Defence buff)
  • [V] Ren = Med. 15000, Str. 6000, Run 2000, Stam. 3600 (Defence and Dmg buff 25%)
  • [G] Gyo = Med. 15000, Str. 6000, Run 2000, Stam. 3600 and 10000 Ren Mastery (See hidden people)
  • [C] Zetsu = Med. 20000, Str. 8000, Run 3500, Stam. 6000 (Hide)
  • [X] Ko = Med. 31000, Str. 11000, Run 6000, Stam. 8000 (Damage buff)
  • [E and R] Hatsu = Ten and Ren Mastery 25000 (Abilities)
  • [H] Ken = Med. 60000, Str. 15000, Run 9000, Stam. 10000 and Ten Mastery 10000 (Defence and Dmg buff)
  • [K] En = Med 100000, Str. 20000, Run 12000, Stam. 13000

Map Location

Hunter X Athena Hatsu Guide

The best way to get Hatsu in Hunter X Athena. 

 After spending 100k Jeni per spin at the cupping table and having collected the required 25k ten and 25k ren, you will be granted a Hatsu. 

 The maximum strength and meditation for hatsu damage is 100k and 500k, respectively. 

 When you first start the game, you receive a clan. If you want to reroll it, you can do so in the shop for 200 R$.

Hunter X Athena Clan

You gain a clan upon joining the game if you wish to reroll it there’s a shop option for 200R$

Rare Clan (?%)

  • Zoldyck
  • 40 Bonus HP
  • 5 Extra Speed
  • 3 Dmg more
  • 50 Bonus stamina
  • Freecss
  • 30 Bonus HP
  • 3 Extra Speed
  • 2 Dmg more
  • 40 Bonus stamina
  • Kurta
  • 30 Bonus HP
  • 3 Extra Speed
  • 2 Dmg more
  • 40 Bonus Stamina
  • -Scarlet Eyes(not in-game)
  • Netero
  • 20 Bonus HP
  • 2 Extra Speed
  • 1 Dmg more
  • 20 Bonus Stamina
  • Lucifer
  • 20 Bonus HP
  • 2 Extra Speed
  • 1 Dmg more
  • 20 Bonus Stamina
  • Kreuger
  • 20 Bonus HP
  • 2 Extra Speed
  • 1 Dmg more
  • 20 Bonus Stamina

Common Clan (?%)

  • Tsezguerra
  • Bordeau
  • Hazama
  • Goreinu
  • Kaneki
  • Kamado
  • Todoroki
  • Magcub
  • Portor
  • Takano
  • Hatake
  • Korutopi
  • Kaito
  • Paradinight

You can use Robux to reroll Clans, Hatsu and Nen colours and change the name

  • Nen colour reroll = 100R$
  • Name change = 75R$
  • Hair Colour Reroll = 35R$
  • Clan Reroll = 200R$
  • Hatsu Reroll = 200R$
  • Potential Reroll 100R$

NPC Guide

Nen Trainer

Location: North Coast on top of the waterfall

  • Must be level 30+
  • Must have Zetsu
  • Must have Hatsu


Location:  Whale Island is located on the tall side of the forest.

  • Must be level 30+


Location: Zeban City’s left side from atop a tree.

  • Must be level 30+


Location: Glade is a spacious area atop the hill.

  • Must be level 80+

This brings the Athena vs. Roblox Trello to hunters. By using this guide, you can enhance your abilities and grow into a more formidable opponent on the field. 

Summary of Hunter X Athena Trello Guide 2023

The following game guide can be found on Hunter X Athena’s Trello board: Game Information: Discord, UI, What to do, Stats, Nen Skill Requirements.

Map of the locations of Hunter X Athena. Future enemies, artificial enemies and every enemy mob in Hunter X Athena. Nen Trainer, Mafia, Assassin, and Rouge are all game NPCs.

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