Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers :- The following article gives a brief about all the Longest Answer Wins new questions along with their answer keys.

A fun Roblox game called Longest Answer Wins pits you against other players as you try to provide the longest response.

The winner of the contest will be the last man remaining. Since it can be difficult to always know the correct response, we have created a list of all questions and answers for the Longest Answer Wins game. 

You should no longer use this list to cheat in games, simply to learn new things. You are destroying the pleasure for other players if you peek at the Longest Answer Wins Answers List while you are playing since it will offer you an absurd advantage. It is entirely up to you whether or not you verify the answers before or after the game. 

We will keep changing the Longest Answer Wins Answers List with new questions as new questions are increased.

If you find any questions that are not added to the list, feel free to let us know so that we can add them as first priority. 

Here you will explore all the queries and answers for Longest Answer Wins. If you are searching for a specific question, you can use the search option inside a table.

Simply put parts of the word and questions with answers will show up immediately. 

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers

Simple Questions :

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers

Q1. What are some of the things that you see in the class daily ?

Ans. Coloured Pencils

Q2. What are the types of different seasons ?

Ans.  Pre Winter

Q3. What is a day in the week ?

Ans. Wednesday

Q4. A month with 31 days ?

Ans. January

Q5. What is the one reason why you will wake up in the middle of the night ?

Ans. Lifestyle and Personal Reasons

Q6. In which activity, do you wear gloves ?

Ans. Construction activities

Q7. Which animal moves really slow ?

Ans. Tortoise

Q8. Which animal has horn at his head ?

Ans. Bull

Q9. What’s another word for Garbage ?

Ans. Trash

Q10. What is the colour of rainbow ?

Ans. Yellow

Q11. Which animal’s name starts with letter ‘B’

Ans. Buffalo

Q12. Which Video Game Character is really famous ?

Ans. Sonic The Hedgehog

Q13. Which thing is really cold ?

Ans. Ice

Q14. Which is the most important meal of the day ?

Ans. Breakfast

Q15. Which game is most played in Park ?

Ans. Hide and Seek

Q16. Whom do kids ask for help ?

Ans. Parents

Q17. Which is a popular outdoor activity ?

Ans. Photography

Q18. In which activity, kids spend their most time ?

Ans. Playing games

Q19. A month in the year ?

Ans. June

Q20. A part of the body ?

Ans. Stomach

Longest Answer Wins Roblox Answers

Medium Based Questions

Q1. What’s the board name on which you write ?

Ans. Whiteboard

Q2. What’s the farmyard animal ?

Ans. Hen

Q3. What’s that one thing animal is the most afraid off ?

Ans. Sunlight

Q4. A thing that’s made up off milk ?

Ans. Milkshake

Q5. Give an example of household pet ?

Ans. Dog

Q6. What’s another word for Book ?

Ans. Publication

Q7. What is an example of Kitchen Appliance ?

Ans. Washing Machine

Q8. What’s an example of covid-19 vaccine ?

Ans. Johnson Johnson

Q9. What’s name of one of the most popular fast food restaurant ?

Ans. Kentucky Fried Chicken

Q10. Give a name of brand of television ?

Ans. Sony

Q11. What’s an example of popular social media platform ?

Ans. Facebook

Q12. How do people move from one place to other ?

Ans. Transportation

Q13. What’s the name of the friend of Mickey Mouse ?

Ans. Minnie Mouse

Q14. Give the name of popular board game ?

Ans. Ludo

Q15. What’s that house in which you never want yourself to be ?

Ans. Haunted House

Q16. Give a name of the Soda Drink ?

Ans. Pepsi

Q17. What’s that common reason for which you are late for work ?

Ans. Medical Illness

Q18. What’s the name of a hairstyle ?

Ans. Short length

Q19. Name a green fruit that you eat ?

Ans. Gooseberries

Q20. Give a name of vegetable ?

Ans. Cauliflower

Extreme Difficult Questions

Q1. Give the name of a type of clouds ?

Ans. Cumulonimbus

Q2. Give a name of a type of Casino Game ?

Ans. Slot Machine

Q3. What’s that one thing that you can run other than your own feet ?

Ans. Electric Current

Q4. Which ball is smaller than the Baseball ?

Ans. Ping Pong Ball

Q5. What’s the brand of toothpaste ? Give example ?

Ans. Colgate

Q6. Animals whose legs are presented to you on menu card ?

Ans. Chicken

Q7. Which part of body is missing on Pirate’s body ?

Ans. Eyes

Q8. What can you find in a museum ?

Ans. Children’s museum

Q9. Give a name of Batman character ?

Ans. Detective Ethan, Robin

Q10. Which job is more prone to accidents ?

Ans. Construction

Q11. Name a Country that speaks French ?

Ans. French/ Luxembourg

Q12. Give a name of continent ?

Ans. Asia

Q13. Name a country in Asia ?

Ans. India

Q14. Give a type of Martial Arts ?

Ans. KickBoxing

Q15. Name a Character in Friends ?

Ans. Monica Geller

Q16. Name a House in Hogwarts ?

Ans. Slytherine

Q17. Name a genre of music ?

Ans. Rock

Q18. Name a type of Disaster ?

Ans. Flood

Q19. Name a music instrument ?

Ans. Electric Guitar

Q20. Name a Ocean Name ?

Ans. Pacific Ocean

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