Best Way To Get Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run kingdom

Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run kingdom :- The Costume Gacha was recently added to Cookie Run Kingdom and has already been a hit with players.

After obtaining costumes from this gacha, players can customize their character’s looks and gain special skills.

The various sets available include special powerups such as additional HP or boosts to jump strength. Not only are they optically engaging, but they also add to the game’s playact.

Players can now choose to go on a quest to get their favourite costume, and those with the luck to get the coveted Legendary Sets can stand out even more.

The new Gacha elements bring a renewed level of excitement to Cookie Run Kingdom and makes the game even more enjoyable.

It’s finally here. Everyone has been buzzing about it – the most recently released feature of Cookie Run: Kingdom: the Costume Gacha.

This incredible addition is like a carnival game – with every spin, a brand new costume is just one roll away.

But it’s not as easy as just stepping up to the machine – Rainbow Cubes are the currency of the Costume Gacha, and this article is here to guide you through all the various methods of obtaining and using them in Cookie Run Kingdom.

What is the process of earning gifts from this game ?

By far the most popular way of earning Rainbow Cubes is to collect them while completing regular stages.

Whether it be collecting daily gifts, beating boss stages, or raiding dungeons, you’re sure to pick up a few cubes here and there.

You can also get Rainbow Cubes by sending requests to your friends – why not let your pals in on the fun ?

Lastly, the Costume Gacha Shop is your one-stop-shop for Rainbow Cubes, offering a wide selection of costumes to suit your fancy.

Once you’ve got your Rainbow Cubes, it’s time to spin the Costume Gacha. Pick out the costume you want to try your luck at and press the spin button.

In no time at all, you could find yourself rocking a new and unique outfit. Be sure to pick up bonus rewards from special costumes too.

With all of these new methods for acquiring Rainbow Cubes, you’re sure to make some bold fashion statements in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom: All you need to know

For those new to Cookie Run: Kingdom, unlocking the Costume Gacha is easy and won’t take more than a few minutes.

Just make sure you are joined to a fortune internet connection, as you’ll need to update the game before it can be used.

First click on the Game settings” button situated at the below -left conner of the main menu. Once there, you’ll see a variety of options, but thr one you need is situated at the very below of the page and is titled download update.

Simply click it and the Costume Gacha will be enabled in a matter of minutes.

With the Costume Gacha now accessible, you can explore a whole new side of Cookie Run: Kingdom with the addition of Cosumes.

What makes Cosumes unique compared to the standard Outfits is that, with each Costume equipped, certain buffs can be applied to your Cookies.

The bonuses are tiered based on the amount of Rainbow Cubes ( the game’s premium currency ) spent on obtaining the Costume. So, with the right combination of costumes, Cookies can become stronger than ever.

For those looking to unlock the Costume Gacha in Cookie Run: Kingdom, here’s what you’ll need to do.

First, make sure you have finished Level 2-13, as that’s the requirement for being able to access the Costume Gacha.

Once you have that done, then you need to complete the Boutique Quest.

Once you do both of those, you will unlock the Costume Gacha and you will have a new way to show off your cookies Now, go get to it.

As Cookie Run: Kingdom players race to finish levels and upgrade their characters, they can take a pause from the main quest and seek out something a bit different.

The secret is to unlock the Boutique Quest and snag the rare costumes. To do so, the beginning step is to make sure the game is already updated to latest version. This is simple fundamental.

Once the update are done, players must guide to the right-hand side of the game’s main screen.

A little winged box with an exclamation point will appear— this is the sign to seek out the Boutique Quest.

It’s an exclusive opportunity to pick up rare and exclusive costumes, but you have to look in the right places to find them.

The Mont Blanc storyline was about to begin and eager readers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the goodies they had heard so much about. The task seemed daunting but they were up to the challenge.

After they had successfully completed the mission, they were surprised to find that the Costume section had been unlocked in the Gacha section. Now they could use their Rainbow Cubes to get powerful new costumes to upgrade their team’s look.

The journey may have been the hoodlum, but with their latest styles and Modernized sense of 

function, they were ready to take on whatever the next incident would bring. It was time to experience Mont Blanc at its finest.

As an added bonus to all players, those who complete the quest will be rewarded with a hefty supply of Rainbow Cubes.

Furthermore, if you participate in various stages of PvE, Guild.

Battles and Cookie Run: Kingdom events, you will be generously rewarded with more Rainbow Cubes. Don’t forget that redeem codes can also be used to acquire additional Rainbow Cubes. With so many ways to earn more Rainbow Cubes, why not try and build your kingdom to its full potential.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom experience has taken a turn for the exciting with the addition of Mileage Points and Rainbow Cubes to the game.

Players have the chance to rack up Mileage Points from playing the Cookie Gacha, which they can exchange for Rainbow Cubes at a steep rate of 25 points per Cube. Of course, they can also buy Rainbow Cubes directly with in-game purchases as every Cookie Pack has an option to be purchased with 300-3000 Cubes.

Furthermore, drawing the same costume more than once yields Rainbow Shells, which players can use to buy costumes in the Rainbow Crystal Shop once they have Touc’s Trade Harbor unlocked. Keep path of the game’s news and updates to guarantee that you don’t lose out on on anything


Q1. What is the process of redeem your CRK code ?

Ans :- If you want to redeem your CRK code then you have to visit 
the DecPlay code redemption site, then enter your player ID found 
under setting in game. If this process is completed then you will 
receive your rewards in your in-game

Q2. How many gifts did I get from this game ?

Ans :- You can earn many and als eran daily gifts from this game

Q3. Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run kingdom is a safe game ?

Ans :- Yes it is a very safe game and the best part of this game that you 
will get daily gifts and rewards too.

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