Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide 2023 – Styles, Rules, Modes

Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide :- One of the fighting games on Roblox, Tokyo Saga, was created by Tomisto Studios and is based on the well-known manga series Tokyo Revengers. 

In order to exact revenge on those who wronged you in the game, you must play as a character from the series.

Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide

Progression Tips

 Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide :-

Within Tokyo Saga, you can advance by. 

  •  Stat Progression: Using the training tools available for purchase at the local gym and/or boxing gym will advance your stats. You can gain stats more quickly in both gyms thanks to their access to various training tools. You can purchase clothing and equipment to increase specific stats. They are categorized as training equipment. 
  •  Job Progression: Job progression is very straightforward; by repeatedly performing a particular task, you can advance your job level or stats. It raises your skill level and financial gain. The category for quests is where you can find the open positions. 
  •  PvP Progression: PvP is very challenging to master. It should be much simpler to fight once you figure it out. Right now, getting the PvP Guide from the library is the best way to advance in PvP. There are many useful combat techniques covered in the book. 
  •  Style Progression:There will be stat requirements for every style skill. You can acquire the skill by training to those stats. 

Stat Bars

The three sub-sections of your stat bars are Health (HP), Hunger and Stamina. 

  •  Health (HP): Your Health Bar scales based on your defense stat; the higher your defense stat, the higher your health/durability. You must use the Calisthenics, Sit Ups, or Advanced Sit Ups equipment in order to raise your health stat. 
  •  Hunger: Whether you have maxed out your stats or are just starting out in the game, your hunger bar will never scale based on anything. Eat something from any shop positioned across the Tokyo Saga map in order to replenish your hunger bar. 
  •  Stamina: The scale of your stamina bar depends on your speed stat; the higher your speed stat, the longer and faster you can run. You must use the Jump Rope or Squats equipment in order to increase your speed stat. 

Current Max Stats

Max Stats:

  • Strength 1700
  • Defence 2800
  • Speed 25
  • Stamina 600
  • Hit Speed 0.5 (The lower, the faster)

Max Job Levels: Clothes Sewing, Motor Repair, Baking, Mechanic 5.5

Muscle and Fat Guide

Strength and additional defense are provided by muscle. It only offers buffs, with Bigger being the maximum. Although fat makes you stronger, it also makes you slower. The maximum is 120 kg. You can lose weight by eating rice, salad, and chicken salad. Some foods cause weight gain. 

 Although being extremely lean, like 40 kg, makes you more agile, it also makes you weaker and less damaging when you strike. 

 Being a normal weight, such as 70 kilograms or 80 kilograms, has no benefits. 

 Being 120 kg overweight makes you stronger when you hit and more resistant to being hit, but it also makes you too slow to run and dash. 

 Only an increase in strength and defense is provided by muscles. Muscle mass is-

  • Skinny
  • Newbie
  • Normal
  • Stronger
  • Bigger

Character Modes

Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide

Obtainable Modes

Dark Impulse

Location: Beside the hospital.

Requirements: 100 strength, 100 defense, 10 speed, and 50k¥.


  • +30 Strength
  • +5 Speed
  • +500 Health Regen

Note: You will lose 15 strength, 15 defense, and 5 speed, you can grind them back

Dark impulses v2

Location: Right in front of the mechanic quest.

Requirements: 250 Strength, 300 Defense, 12 Speed, and 100k¥.


  • +70 Strength
  • +8 Speed
  • +500 Health Regen

Note: You will lose 30 strength, 30 defence and 7 speed, you can grind them back

White Impulses

Location: In front of the mall.

Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defence, 12 speed, and 200k¥.


  • +300 Strength
  • +20 Speed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Note: Although you will lose 50 strength, 50 defense and 8 speed, you can grind them back.


Location: School roof.

Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defence, 12 speed, and 200k¥.


  • +500 strength.
  • +5 speed.

Note: Although you will lose 50 strength, 50 defense and 8 speed, you can grind them back.

Rage V2

Location: Public Library.

Requirements: 1000 defence, 1000 strength, 18 speed, and 500k¥.


  • +1000 Strength
  • +10 Speed

Note: You will drop 10 speed, 100 defense and 100 strength, but you can grind those back.


Location: Public bathrooms.

Requirements: 500k¥, 1000 strength,1000 defence, and 18 speed.


  • +Regens 20 health per 0.2 seconds for 30 seconds

Note: You will drop 10 speed, 100 defense and 100 strength, but you can grind those back.

Exclusive Modes


Requirements: Tokita clan

Location: Hidden


  • +150 Strength
  • +20 speed
  • -0.05 highspeed
  • +5000 health regen


Requirements: Kure clan

Location: Hidden


  • +350 strength
  • +15 speed
  • – 03 highspeed
  • +5000 Health Regen


Requirements: Kawata Clan


  • +250 strength
  • +20 speed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Hanna Rage

Requirements: Hañna Clan


  • +600 strength
  • +10 speed

Unobtainable Modes



  • +400 Strength
  • +15 Speed
  • -0.05 Hitspeed
  • +5000 Health Regen

Tokyo Saga NPC

Interactive NPC

Style Reset NPC

  • Style Reset NPC
  • Location: Right next to Pizza and Local Gym
  • Requirement: 50000¥ to reset your style

Homeless Man

If you believe he is merely there out of sympathy, feel free to give him $10; who knows, maybe your future good deeds will pay you back.

Bread NPC

  • Bread NPC
  • Location: All around the map
  • Requirement: 150¥ per bread.

Plastic Surgeon NPC

  • Plastic Surgeon NPC
  • Location: Inside of hospital.
  • Requirement: 7000¥ to remove scars.

Rice NPC

  • Plastic Surgeon NPC
  • Location: Next to the hospital.
  • Requirement: 150¥ per rice.

Hotel NPC

  • Plastic Hotel NPC
  • Location: Near West Side store and Chicken Sisters.
  • Requirement: 4000¥ for a hotel room.

Style Trainer(s)

Throughout the game’s map are npcs called “style trainers”. They are both inside and outside various structures.


  • Street Style
  • Location: Outside of School
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 80 Strength, 70 Defense, 60 Stamina, and 5 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Street Style, 95 Strength, 90 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 9 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, 150 Strength, 130 Defense, 80 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Street Advanced

  • Street Advance Style
  • Location: Outside of school
  • Advanced Style Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, Strong Head Skill, 500 Strength, 475 Defense, 400 Stamina, and 17 speed.
  • Advanced First Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, 550 Strength, 550 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 19 speed.
  • Advanced Second Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, Dirty Kick Skill , 625 Strength, 625 Defense, 500 Stamina, and 20 speed.


  • JeetKuneDo Style
  • Location: Next to Moebius Base and Karate Style NPC.
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 100 Strength, 70 Defense, 40 Stamina, and 8 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 10 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, Side Kick Skill, 140 Strength, 95 Defense, 90 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Unobtainable/Limited Styles

Limited and custom styles are those that aren’t available or are designed for certain players.

Boring Style

  • Boring Style
  • Location: Church Zone
  • Style Requirement: Non Style, 600 Strength, 600 Defense, 200 Stamina, and 17 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Boring Style, 750 Strength, 750 Defense, 350 Stamina, and 19 speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Boring Style, BackHand Punch Skill, 850 Strength, 850 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 23 speed.

Old Boxing

  • Old Boxing Style
  • Style Requirement: None Style, 95 Strength, 120 Defense, 95 Stamina, and 12 speed.
  • First Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, 125 Strength, 165 Defense, 120 Stamina, and 14 Speed.
  • Second Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, Goofy UpperCut Skill, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 100 Stamina, and 12 speed.

Counter Style

Counter-style for the legend of Izana Kurokawa.

What are the rules of the Tokyo Saga game ?
  1. If you are a character from the lore, you must remain in your lore character’s gang; otherwise, your lore will be erased. 
  2.  It’s not okay to use bugs improperly. 
  3.  It is not acceptable to violate the ROBLOX ToS. 
  4.  Don’t quit the game while you’re gripped (doing so irritates the gripper). 
  5.  Do not stack modes (you may use one mode, then another when the first one expires, but you may not stack them). 
  6.  Fake titles are not permitted; if you already hold an official title, you cannot change it; to obtain a new title, you must triumph in a contest or giveaway. 
  7.  When engaged in combat, avoid using NPCs that reset your character. 
  8.  Carrying of ammunition is prohibited for three minutes. 
  9.  The maximum number of inf knocks is four. 
  10.  There is no room for Roblox NSFW. 
  11.  It is prohibited to attempt to move individuals from the safe zone. 
  12.  Gripping is not permitted while dodging or blocking. 
  13.  If you are banned in-game, you will also be banned in the discord, and vice versa. 

Conclusion of Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Begineer Guide

When a rule is broken severely—as opposed to, say, pinging owners—in-game and in-discord bans only apply. 

 To sum up, players can use thisRoblox Tokyo Saga Trello Beginner Guide to stay informed of news and updates. You can maximize your experience by following this Trello guide. 

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