Slashing simulator Codes – Free Coins, Gift Card

Slashing simulator Codes :- Slashing simulator is a popular online game which was launched on October 13, 2021. This is a game which is fully thrilling and an adventure game which is fit for those who are fans of this kind of gameplay.

In this article we will discuss what slashing simulator is, VIP of slashing simulator, Codes for upgradation within the game, basic information about the game, how to redeem codes step by step and many more. So friends, let’s move ahead and learn more about Slashing simulators.

What Is Slashing Simulator ?

Slashing Simulator is a popular and famous Roblox game that permits players to become powerful sword-wielding warriors and fight their way through several levels and challenges.

This game is developed by “Imaginationz Studio”and has since earned a huge following inside the Roblox group.

In this game, players start off with a basic or normal sword and must defeat their enemies to earn coins, which can be used to purchase more powerful and sharpened swords and upgrades in the character.

When the players progress within the game, they can unlock new areas to explore and more challenging enemies to fight.

There is one more feature within the game named “PvP arena”, with this feature players can battle against each other to see who is the strongest warrior.

Along this, there are daily quests and challenges for players, by joining these daily quests and challenges  players can earn extra rewards and experience points.

Overall, Slashing Simulator is a fun and engaging real time game that offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves to become a skilled swordsman.

Now, we will discuss some basic information about the Slashing simulator game.

DeveloperImaginationz Studio
Launching YearOctober 13, 2021
Maximum player7

What are slashing simulator codes ?

Slashing Simulator codes are the kind of  freebies (free gifts or rewards) which are given out by the developer, Imaginationz Studio, and it is the form of all kinds of awesome stuff, from free clicks and coins, to pets.

Imaginationz Studio mostly releases new slashing simulator codes to enjoy fresh updates, or when the game earns a specific number of likes.

So make sure that you added the game to your favorites and check it back from time to time for more and more Slashing Simulator codes.

Slashing simulator Codes

Here is some code for the slashing simulator, listed below.

  • Woo3500 – 20 minutes of double damage booster
  • 1mVisitsWoo – free rewards
  • Woo2000 – gumball machine pet
  • 1mVisitsWoo – free rewards
  • Woo500 – 25 minutes of super luck booster
  • Woohoo230k – free rewards
  • REVAMPED – free rewards

Here are some expired codes which are listed below which expired after a specific time.

  1. BugsInvasion
  2. Woohoo200k
  3. BeachTime
  4. Hooray50k
  5. Woohoo145k
  6. 17klikes ty
  7. 15klikes ty
  8. IFeelStrong
  9. BadSide
  10. GoodSide
  11. Goodsidereturns
  12. Badsidereturns
  13. BoostMeUp
  14. 1MVisits
  15. ISeeUpsideDown
  16. Woohoo100k
  17. woohoo70k
  18. woohoo80k
  19. world3
  20. COINB
  21. ILoveAllBoosters
  22. IamHungry
  23. EnjoyTheGame
  24. TradingGG
  25. ThankYou45K
  26. questss
  28. 1MVisits
  29. GetMeSomeCoins
  30. 100K
  31. HappyNewYear!

How to redeem code for slashing simulator ?

Now, we will discuss the process of redeeming the slashing simulator code step by step. With the help of these codes you can get updates in your character as well as in game also. So let’s move ahead and discuss the steps of redeeming codes which are super easy to do.


Very firstly, you have to launch a slashing simulator on roblox.


Then,  you will find the Twitter icon on the right hand side of the screen. Tap on it.


Then, the redemption box will open. After that, users have to type the redeem code in the redemption box.


Hit on the redeem.


Then, your reward will be awarded to you.

FAQ’S :-

Q1. How do you get super rebirths in a slashing simulator ?

Answer: Do you want to get super rebirths???? getting Super Rebirths has become super easy and fast with the help of max Candy Crusher and The Hive upgrades.Here is some tips for getting super rebirths, follow these tips listed below:

  1. First , you have to buy  ‘Add more Rebirths’ and click on the highest rebirth amount, repeat until maximum upgrade.
  2. Then, Purchase all the potions.
  3. Then, you illUpgrade ‘Shinies!’ skill to level 6. This will permit you to buy all ‘Add more Rebirths’ upgrades without having to rebirth.
  4. Purchase gears in Gauntlet World to multiply taps.
  5. Grind pets to ‘Mystic’ tier or higher.
  6. Grind for secret pets.
  7. Then, Upgrade ‘Add more Rebirths’ keep upgrade until enough you get that you do not need to buy anymore ‘Add more Rebirths’ upgrade to Super Rebirth

Q2. What does VIP do in slashing simulator Roblox ?

Answer: This pass was updated August 1 2022. With this game pass user becomes a Very Important person (VIP) of the game. The perks and benefits of this VIP pass are-

  1. Free First Time Respawn “Kraken Raid”.
  2. Boost of 5% on BASE Exp, Coins, Diamonds, Sword Damage, Speed.
  3. Receive a Golden backpack which increases storage per level.
  4. Activation of random booster on daily basis.
  5. Group Reward Every 4 HOURS instead of 12.

Q3. How much does VIP cost on Roblox ?

Answer:- Here is the monthly plan for VIP in slashing simulator Roblox.

  1. $4.99 per month premium gives 450 Robux a month.
  2. $9.99 per month premium gives 1000 Robux a month.
  3. $19.99 per month premium gives 2200 Robux a month.

Conclusion :-

Slashing simulator games are great for those players who enjoy fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and a strong sense of achievement.

If you are a fan of this genre, then a good slashing simulator game can provide hours of thrilling entertainment and adventure.

Overall, Slashing Simulator is a thrilling game that provides players with an exciting adventure through several environments, battling enemies using a variety of weapons and abilities.

With its active community/group and frequent updates, the game is constantly evolving and improving/upgrading, making it a great option for fans of the slashing simulator genre on Roblox.

They can also be highly immersive, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in a virtual game world where players can explore, discover, and conquer. So friends, waiting for whom ?

Let’s move forward, login to slashing simulator games and enjoy and enhance your gaming skills and experience.

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