How to play Slayer Legend (Step by Step full Guide 2023)

Slayer Legend Beginner Guide, Skill Build :- Slayer Legend is a well-known Android and iOS mobile game created by “GEAR2.”. Since it’s an IDLE RPG.

There are plenty of tools and systems you can use to create new gameplay without ever having to open your wallet. 

Slayer Legend Beginner Guide, Skill Build

Mithril Promotion Build

Slayer Legend Beginner Guide, Skill Build
  • Recommended Weapon: Mythic G4 – G1 Weapon
  • Recommended Class: Grade 15-19 Class
  • Red Lightning, Flame Wave, Thunderbolt Slash, Iron Will, Speed Sword, Curved Blade, and Fulgurous make up the skill build.

Description: With Fulgurous, you should be able to one-shot the small mobs, which is the main assumption of this build. For red lightning and thunderbolt slash to be effective, we advise turning off the automatic feature. If you have the damage, you can substitute lightning stroke for thunderbolt slash.

Tips: If you have a supersonic, you can swap out Thunderbolt Slash for it. If you don’t need the attack power, iron will be substituted with a quick movement.

Orichalcum Promotion Build

  • Recommended Weapon: Mythic G3 – G1 Weapon
Mythic G3 – G1 Weapon
  • Recommended Class: Grade 15-19 Class

Skill Build :

Slayer Legend Beginner Guide, Skill Build

Description – With fulgurous accumulating quick strikes to unleash hellfire slash, this build is damage-focused.

The Giga strike itself is a heavy hitter on top of that and will become even more potent near the end of the fight. Replace Giga impact with power impact for stuns if you’re having trouble with HP.

Ether Promotion Build

  • Stats: Base ATK: 60-70 Quintillion+, Crit DMG: MAX, Deathstrike: 2700%+
  • Weapon: Immortal Orr
  • Class: Class Rank 18 and above
  • Pets: Noah, Loar, and Sala are all at around +40 enhancement levels.
  • Speed sword, Curved blade, Earth’s Will, Burning sword, Flowing blade, Meditation, Red lightning, Demon Hunt, and Pillar of Fire are some of the skill builds available.

Spirit Dungeon Build

These builds largely depend on low- to high-investment skills. See what works best for you and your current equipment set by experimenting and mixing and matching. 

The manual casting of Supersonic and Meditation is recommended. 100-second timer for the stage.

  • Beginner: Speed sword, lightning strike, red lightning, burning sword, and curved blade.
  • Intermediate: Earth’s Will, Fire Sword, Meditation, Strong Current, Curved Blade, Speed Sword, Red Lightning, Lightning Strike.
  • End Game: Earth’s will, meditation, rage, speed sword, supersonic, curved blade, red lightning, lightning strike, and lightning body.

Closed Mines Build

  • Goal: Spend one feather to advance to the fourth stage of difficulty, then farm it.
  • Skill Build (7 skills): Iron will, Fire Sword, Red Lightning, Flame Wave, and Flowing Blade.
  • End Game Skill Build (9 Skills): Fire Sword, Blizzard, Flame Wave, Supersonic, Flowing Blade, Agile Movement, Burning Sword, Meditation, and Iron Will are some of the skills you can use.

Adventure Skill Build

  • High Volume of Mobs: Fulgurous, Red Lightning, Hellfire Slash, Thunderbolt Slash, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron Will, or a skill that restores mana are some examples.
  • End Game: Fulgurous, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, Warrior Burn, Meditation, Speed sword, Demon Hunt, Iron Will, and Earth’s Will. 
  • This needs to be adjusted for your particular circumstances. Here, every construction is merely an outline.

Stage Boss Builds

  • This can also be applied to the Dragon Fight’s Shelter of Sleeping Flame. 
  • Best Weapon, Best Accessory, 20–25 Mana Recovery (Optional if using Fulgurous). 
  • Fulgurous, Hellfire Slash, Giga Strike, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Burning Sword, and Iron Will (or mana recovery skill) are the seven skills that make up this skill build. 

Notes : 

You can go a long way with a legendary Grade 1 accessory. If you don’t have to, never try to roll for a new one or enhance it. 

Boss battles last about 28 seconds.

Companion Boss Builds

  • end-game
  • A minimal loadout for companion battles. 
  • Elie. 

The following skills are available: Iron will, Burning sword, Earth’s will, Curved Blade, Hellfire slash, Giga strike, Fire blast, or Hot blast. 

  • Zeke: Speed Sword, Curved Blade, Hellfire Slash, Burning Sword, Fire Sword, Fire Blast or Flame Slash, or Mana Recovery skill. 
  • Water Slash, Ice Time, Fulgurous, Speed Sword, Iron Will, Earth’s Will, Curved Blade, or a skill that restores mana, according to Miho. 
  •  Luna:  Fulgurous, Hellfire Slash, Giga Strike, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Burning Sword, and Iron Will are some of the abilities that Luna can use (instead of a mana recovery ability).

Arcanite Promotion Build

  • An essential loadout for the arcanite promotion class. 
  • Stats. 
  • Base ATK: 150 Quadrillion+, Crit DMG: MAX, Deathstrike: 1000%+. 
  • G1 mythic weapon with a +100 or higher. 
  • Class: Rank 17 and higher. 
  • Hellfire slash, flame slash, burning sword, fulgurous, supersonic, speed sword, and a curved blade are some of its characteristics.

Adamantite Promotion Build

  • Stats. 
  • Base ATK: 1 point 2 quintillion+, Crit DMG: MAX, Deathstrike: 1700 percent+. 
  • Armour: Immortal Orr. 
  • Class: 18 and above in the class. 
  • Build of skills: There are a number of talent combinations, including Fulgurous, Supersonic, Lightning Stroke, Red Lightning, Speed Sword, Curved Blade, Burning Sword and Earth’s Will.

Stage Farming Build
  • Best Weapon, Best Accessory, 20–25 Mana Recovery (Optional if using Fulgurous). 
  • Flowing Blade, Fire sword, Supersonic, Earth’s will, Blizzard or Red lightning, thunderbolt slash, Meditation, agile movement, and Fulgurous make up the skill build’s nine skills. 
  • Notes: 
  • Remove agile movement if you are short on slots.

Endgame ( Stage 200+ ) Builds

  • You’ve done well to get this far. Things will get difficult, but by developing your character and utilizing a strong build, you can overcome them. 
  • G1 Mythic Weapon, Class Rank 17, G4 Mythic accessory, and higher are the minimum requirements for equipment.


The as, assumption made by this build is that you lack the skill, Rave. 

Rave as is customary

An ordinary build that makes use of Rave. 

Flame Pillar, Fire Blast, Fire Sword, Blizzard, Iron Will, Burning Sword, Giga Strike, and Rave. 


This build is predicated on the idea that you have pretty much everything. The only build that I don’t see F2P players having practical access to is this one. 

Warrior Burn, Wrath of God, Iron Will, Demon Hunt, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, X, X, and Rave are some examples. 

Combinations of Slayer Legendary Spirits. 

  • An overview of possible spirit combinations in Slayer Legend. 
  • Boss Focused: Sala, Loar, and Noah. 
  • Mum, Radon, Zappy, and if not them, Lug/Todd are at Stage Farm/Closed Mine. 
  • Here Zappy, and Kahighest-level Circulation Forest. 
  • Herh and your two highest-level spirits are the Dimensional Rift’s dragon boss. 
  • Todd, Luga, Mum, Herh () or highest level pet (due to stat bonuses): extreme end-game farming.

Conclusion :-

In addition to other information, this Slayer Legend Beginner Guide, Skill Build includes the best skill builds for promotions. You should experiment with the builds and find your own path as you play the game, I highly advise it. Without adhering to a template or meta build, there are numerous ways to get the job done.

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